I got this domain and blog for me. To help me. Now I’m stuck where I always end up: at the whim of others, but I only end up there due to my own thoughts and actions. I wanted to write about anything that came up, any thoughts in my head that I wanted to explore further, but now I feel inadequate in just about everything. Even writing about my own life. Even writing this now.

Ugh. Enough wallowing in self pity. We’re just a bunch of sacks of shit and meat. We’re just shitty meat. Just a bunch of poopy buttholes walking around thinking we are important and valuable, but no one cares except us. And even then, we barely care, if we even care at all. Hmmm, what do I care about? Truly? Do I even care about my own life? I suppose I care about being comfortable. What’s the point of being in this life if we’re not comfortable every now and then? Strangely, I do care about the comfort of others too. I say that is strange because, on one hand, people aren’t worth it. As far as this universe is concerned, and perhaps even beyond, we don’t exist. We would be smaller than atoms, smaller than baryons and leptons compared to the size of our universe. There is a key difference though, and that is, as far as we can tell, the universe would still “exist” without us. However, we could not exist without these seven billion billion billion (7*10^27) of atoms.

People largely aren’t worth it, but on a smaller scale they might be. When you look at communities and especially individuals, we matter to each other. We are all forced to experience this in one way or another, but a great portion of us are left abused and abandoned.

If an alien came here and asked a question along the lines of, “What is it like for the beings that live here?” There is no easy way to answer this. One could say, “well, we have big houses and always plenty of food to eat and water to drink and bathe in.” And that would be true in some cases, but not everyone on our world lives that way, even though many do and take it for granted. The alien might then ask, “why don’t all of your people live that way? If you have so much, how can another have so little?” In other words, the predicament humans have created for ourselves doesn’t really make sense. Sure, the answer would be greed and corruption, or something along those lines, but an alien may not understand the concepts of greed and corruption, at least not initially, and probably not at all as they are concepts that we’ve completely made up.

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